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Standard operation procedure and cost of primary public healthcare services

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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公共卫生;成本及成本分析;时间;Public health;Costs and cost analysis;Time

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To explore cost of standard operation procedure of primary public healthcare services.Methods Standard operation procedure of primary public healthcare services was put forward according to national basic public healthcare service standards (2011 edition) in 2012.Random sampling method was used to choose participants from two community sanitary service centers,two township heahhcare centers and one maternity and child heahhcare hospital.Service standard operation procedure was used to measure human cost and supportive cost of public healthcare services.Results Management of 10 thousand patients who had different diseases needed various numbers of medical staff (MS),such as health profile needed 3.4 MS,hypertension management needed 10.8 MS,diabetes management needed 10.6 MS,elderly people care needed 9.2 MS,child care needed 4.6 MS,maternal care needed 24.3 MS,psychosis management needed 13.3 MS,and planned immunity for children needed 4.6 MS.Besides,the people whole covered service projects need 2.4 MS per 100 thousand people.The research showed that managing 1 sample of different kind people needed different human cost,such as health profile needed 22.67 yuan,hypertension management needed 72.69 yuan,planned immunity for children needed 30.68 yuan,diabetes management needed 71.34 yuan,old people management needed 61.50 yuan,child care needed 30.88 yuan,maternal care needed 157.15 yuan,psychosis management needed 74.25 yuan.Besides,the people whole covered service projects needed 124.9 thousand yuan per 100 thousand people.Conclusion For primary public healthcare service project,it should be critical to modify manning regulation and labor costs.

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