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Health self-management club for hypertensive patients in Gushan town of Fuzhou

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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高血压;健康教育;治疗效果;社区;Hypertension;Health education;Treatment outcome;Community

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To evaluate the impacts of health self-management club on hypertensive patients who lived in Gushan town of Fuzhou.Methods Thirty-three community hypertensive patients who partitipated in health self-management club during July and October 2010 were enrolled in this investigation.Control and awareness of high blood pressure and patients' health condition were compared before and after the intervention.Results Normal blood pressure (systolic pressure < 140 mm Hg (1 mm Hg =0.133 kPa),diastolic pressure <90 mm Hg) was found in 19 patients after intervention ((19/31 vs 16/33),x2 =1.058,P > 0.05).Meanwhile,awearness rate of normal blood pressure and mediciation order-guided drug taking was increased to 27/33 and 26/31,respectively (x2 vales were 0.047 and 1.242,respectively ; both P > 0.05).Other information inluding annual blood pressure measurement in > 35 years old populations was well known by more participants (x2 vales were 10.810,4.280,4.039,14.249,10.573and 14.539,respectively; all P< 0.05).Since intervention,blood pressure was measured at least once a month in all the subjects,and 28/31 patients measured blood pressure weekly (x2 =11.532,P < 0.05).Health condition of the patients were significantly improved after intervention (Z =-2.034,P < 0.05).Conclusions Community health education could raise patients' awareness of hypertension and improve their health condition.Health self-management club may be feasible to hypertensive patients living at rural-urban fringe.

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