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Prevalence of food intolerance and its related factors among health check-up receivers

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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危险因素;流行病学因素;食物不耐受;Risk factors;Epidemiologic factors;Food intolerance

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To study the prevalence of food intolerance and to explore its related factors among adult health check-up receivers.Methods A total of 863 adults who took physical examinations in our hospital from April to October 2011 were enrolled in this investigation.Height,body weight and blood pressure were measured,and serum IgG level was measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).Results The total positive rate of food intolerance was 73%,and the leading intolerance items were crab (40.1% ),egg (29.8% ),cod fish ( 21.6% ),milk ( 20.0% ) and soybean ( 14.4% ).Females showed significantly higher prevalence of food intolerance than males.Various positive rate of milk or soybean intolerance was found in different age groups.No correlations of serum specific IgG with body mass index and systolic or diastolic blood pressure were observed.In logistic regression analysis,the odds ratio of food intolerance of women was 1.67 ( 95 % confidence interval 1.190 to 2.607 ).Conclusions The prevalence rate of food intolerance was high.The risk for food intolerance was significantly increased in women.Specific IgG antibody detection may help to early prevent and diagnose food intolerance-related diseases.

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