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Relationship between internet addiction and suicidal tendency in undergraduates

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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学生;自杀;网络成瘾;Students;Suicide;Internet Addiction

Abstract: Objective To understand the prevalence of internet addiction disorder(IAD)and explore its relationship with suicidal tendency of undergraduates.Methods A total of 1517 undergraduates were investigated by using Internet Addiction Scale(IAS),Beck Hopelessness Scale(BHS)and self-made questionnaire.Results The prevalence of lAD was 14.8%.Males,single child,and those at the second grade,with poor performance or higher family income were at a higher risk of internet addiction(P < 0.01).There was significantly positive correlation between internet addiction and suicidal tendency in undergraduates(x2 =76.30,P < 0.01,r =0.40).The risk of suicidal tendency was significantly increased in the high internet addiction score group(OR =12.29,95 % CI 6.33 to 23.84).Conclusion Higher prevalence of IAD was found in the undergraduates,which could contribute to the increasing suicide.

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