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Effectiveness Of health check-up on hypertensive prevention and control in communities

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高血压病;预防;功能社区;健康管理;Hypertension;Prevention;Social communities;Health management

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the prevalence of hypertension of working population in social communities and available resources for hypertensive prevention and control.Methods Promotion Action for Health Food and Blood Pressure was conducted in Beijing from May 2007 to September 2007 to evaluate the prevention and control of hypertension among 29 224 individuals (15 930 males and 13 294 females,aged 18 to 65 years) from selected China state organs, and enterprises and institutions.Results The prevalence of hypertension of working population in functional communities was 28.73% (34.43% for males and 21.91% for females).Data showed that 81.39% of the objects took health check-up at least once per 2 years,and 62.56% took health check-up at least once per year.In awareness rate or rate of blood pressure control up to the standard, regular health check-up receivers were better than irregular health check-up receivers, although no significant difference was found in knowledge awareness of hypertension diagnosis.For regular health check-up receivers, the awareness rate of hypertension was 16.68% , the prevalence of hypertension was 28.32% , and the rate of blood pressure control up to the standard was as low as 25.06%.Conclusions The regular health examination exerts positive influence on awareness and control of hypertension.Using available resources, hypertensive management in functional communities should be intensified.

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