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Effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined with artificial cycle on sexual hormones in the treatment of premature ovarian failure

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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高压氧;人工周期;卵巢早衰;子宫内膜厚度;性激素;Hyperbaric oxygen;Artificial cycle;Premature ovarian failure;Endometrial thickness;Sex hormones

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To explore the effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined with artificial cycles treatment on premature ovarian failure(POF)and its influence on the thickness of the endometrium and hormone levels.Methods:A total of 131 patients with POF admitted to the Department of Gynecology of Shanxi Provincial People’s Hospital between February 2019 and December 2020 were selected and divided into control group(66 cases)and observation group(65 cases)according to the random number table method. Patients in the control group were treated with artificial cycles,and patients in the observation group were treated with hyperbaric oxygen combined with artificial cycles. Comparisons were made in terms of sex hormone levels,endometrial thickness,number of antral follicles,sexual function index(FSFI)scores,and disease control rates in each time period.Results:After three courses of treatment,the FSFI scores of both groups were increased,and the FSFI score in the observation group was significantly higher than that of the control group( P<0.05). The levels of progesterone(P),follicle stimulating hormone(FSH),and luteinizing hormone(LH)were significantly decreased,and the serum estradiol(E2)level was significantly increased. The E2 in the observation group was higher than that in the control group[(88.36 ± 3.32)pmol/L >(79.39 ± 4.45)pmol/L],the P,FSH,and LH levels in the observation group were lower than those in the control group[(3.29 ± 0.23)nmol/L <(4.86 ± 0.54)nmol/L,(21.21 ± 3.62)IU/L <(32.45 ± 5.56)IU/L,(25.23 ± 1.12)IU/L <(32.11 ± 1.32)IU/L,respectively],all with statistically significant differences( P<0.05). The thickness of endometrium in both groups was significantly reduced,and the number of antral follicles in both groups was significantly increased,and the antral follicles in the observation group was more than that in the control group,with statistically significant difference( P<0.05). Besides,the disease control rates of the observation group were higher than those of the control group after two and three courses of treatment( P<0.05). Conclusion:Hyperbaric oxygen combined with artificial cycles has a significant effect on POF patients than using artificial cycles alone,it can better improve the level of sex hormones,reduce the thickness of endometrium,and promote overall therapeutic effect.

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