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Job satisfaction and its impact factors among hyperbaric oxygen practitioners

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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高压氧;从业人员;工作满意度;影响因素;Hyperbaric oxygen;Employee;Job satisfaction;Influencing factors

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To investigate the current situation of job satisfaction among hyperbaric oxygen(HBO)practitioners nationwide and explore its influencing factors,to provide a scientific basis for further formulating relevant mechanisms to improve the satisfaction of practitioners and promote the development of specialties.Methods:A total of 902 HBO practitioners from 31 provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities)were selected as the research subjects by convenience sampling method from June 2020 to December 2020. The questionnaire consisted of eight basic information items and ten job satisfaction variables(overall satisfaction and nine sub-item satisfaction),which were measured by the five-point Likert scale(“1-strongly dissatisfied” to “5-very satisfied”).Results:The overall job satisfaction score of HBO practitioners was 2.92±0.74,and the altogether proportion of relatively satisfied and very satisfied was 18.2%. The ranking of satisfaction scores was:practice environment > weekly working hours > equipment > annual treatment volume > overall satisfaction > hospital support > learning opportunities > career development perspective > salary > scientific research conditions. Each sub-item satisfaction was positively correlated with the overall satisfaction( r=0.434-0.717, P≤0.001). The correlation order was:hospital support > career development perspective > scientific research conditions > salary > annual treatment volume > learning opportunities > equipment > practice environment > weekly working hours. The results of the univariate analysis showed that department independence,number of staff,and annual treatment volume had impacts on overall satisfaction. The hospital level and availability of full-time technicians did not affect satisfaction with all projects. The results of binary logistic regression analysis showed that independent clinical departments( OR=3.134)and number of staff ≥6( OR=1.589)were independent influencing factors for the overall satisfaction of HBO practitioners. Conclusion:The overall job satisfaction of HBO practitioners is at a low level and needs to be improved. The overall satisfaction of practitioners is higher in independent clinical departments and when the annual number of staff ≥6. To improve the job satisfaction of HBO employees,we need to establish independent clinical department of HBO and increase the number staff,as well as effectively increase treatment volume and the income of practitioners,expand the perspective for career development,improve scientific research conditions,provide training opportunities,and enroll more full-time doctors.

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