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Observation on the curative effect of auricular seed-pressing therapy on the visual acuity decline among Naval Junior Aviation School students

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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耳穴压豆疗法;视力下降;航校学生;飞行员;Auricular seed-pressing therapy;Visual acuity decline;Naval Junior Aviation School student;Aviator

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To explore the effect of auricular seed-pressing therapy on visual acuity decline of Naval Junior Aviation School students.Methods:A total of forty students admitted in 2019 and 2020 at the naval junior aviation school from February 2021 to April 2021 were selected as the research subjects. According to the results of Landolt circular vision acuity chart test,the students whose uncorrected visual acuities of both eyes were not lower than 0.8 were included in the control group( n = 21),and the students whose visual acuity of any single eye was 0.8 or less were included in the intervention group( n = 19). The students in the intervention group received auricular seed-pressing therapy,by fixing Wangbuliuxing seed with plastic tapes to the sensitive points in the selected auricular acupoint area,with one side of ear each time,and changed to the other side after 1 week treatment. The students were advised to press the seeds for 3 min at 8 am,11 am,and 6 pm every day. The students in the control group were asked only to close their eyes and rest for 3 min at the same time point. After 5 weeks intervention,visual acuity changes and efficacy were compared between the two groups before and after treatment. Results:Compared with those before treatment,the visual acuity of the intervention group was significantly increased after treatment( P<0.05),while the visual acuity of the control group was significantly decreased( P<0.01). The effective rate of the intervention group was 79.17%(19/24),and that of the control group was 4.76%(2/42),and the difference was statistically significant( P<0.01). Conclusion:Auricular seed-pressing therapy can prevent and cure the visual acuity decline of Naval Junior Aviation School students.

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