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Research on career motivation training for students of Naval Junior Aviation School

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Chinese Journal of Health Management
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职业动机;飞行动机;动机训练;海军青少年航空学校;Career motivation;Flight motivation;Motivation training;Naval Junior Aviation School

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To develop a career motivation training program to stabilize and strengthen the motivation of high school students in Naval Junior Aviation Schools.Methods:A total of 111 students from a naval junior aviation school,with 62 students in experimental group and 49 students in control group,were pre-tested by the career motivation questionnaire for Naval Junior Aviation School students(CMQFNJAS). The students in the experimental group were given seven times of career motivation training in four months,with each time lasts for 630 minutes;while the students in the control group were given none. The mid-term test and post-term test of career motivations were conducted on the two groups of students in the middle of training and after training. Analyses were conducted on the changes in the level of career motivation and the relationship between career motivation and demographic factors such as grade,place of origin,and whether the student was the only children in his/her family or not.Results:(1)Students in the experimental group maintained a high level of career motivation after training(total score of career motivation in pre-term test:81.92 ± 9.67,total score of career motivation in post-term test:81.92 ± 10.72, t=0.00, df=61, P>0.05),while the career motivation level students in the control group reduced(total score of career motivation in pre-term test:85.45 ± 10.47,total score of career motivation in post-term test:83.08 ± 10.31, t=2.04, df=48, P<0.05).(2)There were significant interactions between grade and group in terms of the total score of career motivation( SS=1851.39, MS=1851.39, df=1, F=18.531, P<0.001). The students in the control group showed a significant decrease in their total scores of career motivation from the first year to the second year( P<0.01),while no such significant change was found in the total scores of career motivation of students of different grades in the experimental group( P>0.05).(3)The training had a better effect on students from prefecture-level cities than those from county-level cities and rural areas(total score of students’ career motivation from prefecture-level cities:88.50 ± 10.75;total score of students’ career motivation from county-level cities:76.50 ± 10.25;total score of students’ career motivation from rural areas:79.27 ± 8.18; P<0.01).(4)Career flexibility of the children from one-child family in the experimental group did not change after training,while that of the children from one-child families in the control group decreased significantly(pre-term test career flexibility:27.33 ± 2.94,post-term test career flexibility:24.50 ± 3.62; t=2.996, df=5, P<0.05). Conclusions:Career motivation training has a significant effect on stabilizing students’ career motivation from Naval Junior Aviation Schools in taking up shipborne flying as their lifelong occupation. It is recommended that the career motivation training program be promoted in naval junior aviation schools in China.

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