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Dietary survey and nutritional status analysis of cadets in a military academy

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Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine
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军校学员;膳食调查;营养状况;Cadets;Dietary survey;Nutritional status

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To investigate and analyze the dietary nutritional status of cadets in a military academy,and provide a point of reference for a balanced diet for the cadets.Methods:The physical condition of the cadets was measured by body mass index(BMI). The dietary survey was carried out by weighing food method,then the daily intakes of food and nutrients per person,and the supply ratio of calorigenic nutrients were calculated. The blood biochemical indexes such as fasting blood glucose,uric acid,and total cholesterol were analyzed to evaluate the nutritional status of the cadets.Results:The average BMI score of the cadets was 22.1±1.7,and the cadets with the normal BMI accounted for 83.2%. The daily calorie intake of each cadet was 12.13 MJ,including 19.24% from proteins,45.94% from fats,and 34.82% from carbohydrates. The dietary structure featured high protein,high fat,and low carbohydrate. The intakes of grain,fish and shrimp,soybean,vegetables,fruits,edible mushrooms,and dried vegetables were insufficient,while the intake of poultry was excessive. The intake of vitamin B 1 was slightly insufficient,while the intakes of vitamin E and nicotinic acid were excessive. The intakes of sodium,phosphorus,iron,and selenium were too high,while the intakes of magnesium,calcium,and zinc were slightly insufficient. Among the cadets,0.76% of them had low fasting blood glucose,36.36% of them had hyperuricemia,and 7.58% and 3.03% of them had HDL-C and LDL-C at critical levels of excessiveness,respectively. Conclusion:The cadets have a variety of daily food intakes that provide them with enough calorie intakes,but the diet is not quite balanced due to improper intakes of some nutrients,therefore,the dietary nutrition education should be strengthened among the cadets.

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