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Seasickness in navy pilots and its influence on pilots’ flight operation capability

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Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine
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飞行员;晕船;易感性;作业能力;Pilot;Seasickness;Susceptibility;Operation capability

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To investigate the susceptibility and incidence of seasickness in navy pilots who had been deployed on ships and its influence on their onboard life and flight operation capability,so as to provide reference for ensuring the flight safety of navy pilots.Methods:A total of 41 navy pilots were surveyed by a questionnaire on body mass index(BMI),results of fitness test,smoking history,seasickness sensitivity of parents,personal seasickness susceptibility index,symptoms and severity of seasickness,and how and to what extent the seasickness had affected their living and training.Results:(1)During the navigations,the incidence of seasickness was 61.90%-71.79%,and 71.43%-87.18% of the pilots felt it had affected their life and flight operation capability. The severity of seasickness was significantly correlated with the severity of its influence on flight operation capability( P<0.01);(2)Seasickness affected not only pilots’ onboard life,such as appetite,fitness,attention,sleep,and onboard activity(20.00%-86.67%),but also their flight operation capability(14.71%-26.67%);(3)The incidence of seasickness was significantly correlated with personal seasickness susceptibility index( P<0.05),but it had no correlation with BMI,fitness,smoking history,or seasickness sensitivity of parents( P>0.05). Conclusion:There is close correlation between pilots’ seasickness severity and their flight operation capability. Therefore,pilots should be screened and trained before undertaking onboard missions.

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