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Research on the mental health status in navy sailors with different personality

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Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine
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海军战士;军事心理学;人格特征;心理健康;艾森克人格问卷;明尼苏达多项人格测验;Navy sailors;Military psychology;Personality characteristics;Mental health;Eysenck personality questionnaire;Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To explore differences in mental health in naval sailors with different personality.Methods Eysenck Personality Questionnaire was applied to calculate original scores according to the 3 scales of psychoticism (P),extroversion (E),neuroticism (N),and convert them into standard scores.Then,P,N and E scales were further divided into 3 groups in accordance with the following 3 specific criteria:the standard scores > 56.7,the standard scores of 43.5-56.7 and the standard scores < 43.5.The standard scores of E scale were used as horizontal axis,the standard scores of N scale as vertical axis and the standard scores of 50 as focal point.In accordance with the individual ' s personality types,their coordinates in the quadrant were divided into 9 types or subgroups:i.e.(1) Extroversion-low neuroticism,(2) Extroversionhigh neuroticism,(3) Introversion-low neuroticism,(4) Introversion-high neuroticism,(5) Neutralextroversion,(6) Neutral-low neuroticism,(7) Neutral-introversion,(8) Neutral-high neuroticism,(9)Neutral.Individual' s mental health status was determined by simplified Psychological Health Inventory (PHI) and the original scores and the total scores of the clinical scales were used as measuring criteria.Results In the 3 scales of N,E and P,statistical significance could be seen in the original scores and the total scores of the PHI clinical scales for different subgroups (P < 0.01).Conclusions Score distributions (original scores of the clinical scales and total score of PHI) among the naval sailors with 9 kinds of personality were considerably significant.The worst mental health status was for the sailors with extroversion-high neuroticism,introversion-high neuroticism and neutral-high neuroticism.The best mental health status was for those with extroversion-low neuroticism,introversion-low neuroticism and neutral-low neuroticism.The moderate was for those with neutral-extroversion,neutral and neutral-introversion.The P and N scales of Eysenck Personality Questionnaire could predict the mental health status among navy sailors,but the E scale was relatively poor for the prediction of mental health status.

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