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Clinicopathologic characteristics of eight patients with small cell carcinoma of the cervix

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宫颈肿瘤;癌;小细胞;肿瘤分期;显微镜检查;免疫组织化学;综合疗法;Cervix neoplasms;Carcinoma,small cell;Neoplasm staging;Microscopy;Immunohistochemistry;Combined modality therapy

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To investigate the clinicopathologic characteristics,therapy and prognostic factors of small cell carcinoma of the cervix.Methods Clinical and pathological data of eight patients were analyzed retrospectively.Results Eight patients all presented with symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding or postcoital spotting.One patient had stage Ⅰ b1 disease,2 had stage Ⅰ b2 disease.2 had stage Ⅱ b disease and 3 had stage Ⅲ b disease.Histopathologic findings showed the small tumor cells had scant cytoplasm,round nuclei,absence of nucleoli,and finely dispersed chromatin.Immunohistochemical findings were positive in 7 cases for neuron-specific enolase.Three patients with stage Ⅰ b disease and 1patient with stage Ⅲb disease underwent radical hysterectomy and postoperative chemotherapy.with or without radiotherapy,and the survival period was 64,22,14 and 6 months respectively.Two patients with stage Ⅱ b disease and 2 with stage Ⅲ b disease underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy,and the survival period was 25,9,10 and 5 months respectively.Conclusions Immunohistochemical analysis using several kinds of neuroendocrine markers is helpful in establishing the correct diagnosis in addition to focusing on characteristic histopathological features.It is necessary to use comprehensive treatment including surgery,chemotherapy and radiotherapy for patients with small cell carcinoma of the cervix.Chemotherapy may play an important role in the treatment.

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