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Clinical observation on manual compression and/or thrombin injection guided by ultrasound in the treatment of femoral artery pseudoaneurysm after radiofrequency catheter ablation

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China Clinical Practical Medicine
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导管射频消融术;股动脉假性动脉瘤;徒手压迫;凝血酶注射;Radiofrequency catheter ablation;Femoral pseudoaneurysm;Compression;Thrombin injection

Abstract´╝Ü Objective:To evaluate the efficacy and safety of ultrasound-guided manual compression Andor thrombin injection in the treatment of Radiofrequency ablation femoral pseudoaneurysm(PSA)in patients with tachyarrhythmia.Methods:This study was a retrospective study, a total of 24 patients with PSA in the cardiology department of the General Hospital of Northern Theater Command from January 2013 to February 2022, including 11 males and 13 females, aged(61.6±7.1)years old, ranging from 41 to 69 years old.All patients were treated with ultrasound-guided manual compression therapy, and those who failed to respond 3 times were treated with intratumoral thrombin injection.Results:All patients were successfully closed the tumor cavity, no complications occurred, 1 month after re-examination of ultrasound no recurrence.Among them, 22 patients were compressed with bare hands under the guidance of ultrasound(15 patients were compressed once to block the lumen, 5 patients were compressed twice to block the lumen, 2 patients were compressed three times to block the lumen), thrombin injection was performed in 2 patients after failure of manual compression.Conclusions:Ultrasound-guided manual compression and/or thrombin injection are safe and effective in the treatment of patients with PSA.

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