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The clinical application of autologous split-thickness scalp combined with vacuum-assisted-closure technique on replanting partial-thickness donor site

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China Clinical Practical Medicine
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刃厚头皮;供皮区;回植;封闭负压引流;split-thickness scalp;donation region;replantation;vacuum-assisted-closure

Abstract´╝Ü ObjectiveTo investigate the clinical effect of conbining autologous split-thickness scalp with vacuum-assisted-closure technique on replantating partial-thickness donor site.Methods From August 2013 to October 2014,20 cases who recovered from severely burned but had both face/joint hyperplasia and contractive scar were chosen in the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region, resecting hypertrophic scar in functional region which was recovered by big skin partial-thickness or thick split-thickness skin of non-functional region, conbining autologous split-thickness scalp with vacuum-assisted-closure technique to fix and drainage.ResultsAll the 20 cases were completely recovered in 5 to 7 days after replantation of split-thickness scalp in donation region,and there is no obvious hypertrophic scar in 2 years but some pigmentation. No scar was found in split-thickness scalp donation region,and the hair grew well.ConclusionReplantate autologous split-thickness scalp in partial-thickness donor site not only can accelerate the recover speed of the wound but also can reduce the scare, vacuum-assisted-closure technique can form an enclosed environment,prevente infection,drain fully,fix raplantation well,increase survival rate.So, the conbined autologous split-thickness scalp with vacuum-assisted-closure technique is worth popularizing in clinic.

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