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The repairing of the soft tissue defect in the eyebrow area with hatchet skin flap

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China Clinical Practical Medicine
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斧头状皮瓣;眉区;软组织缺损;修复;Hatched skin flap;Eyebrow area;Soft tissue defect;Repairing

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To found out a suitable method for the repairing of the eyebrow area soft tissue defect based on research and the clinical application of the ‘Hatchet Skin Flap’.Methods All 23 patients with eyebrow area soft tissue defect was included.The skin flap was designed along the longitudinal axle of the defect and with the curve of the ‘Hatchet Skin Flap’ parallel to the curve of the eyebrow.The scale of the width to the length of the flap should not less than 1:3.The flap was dissected and transferred to the defected area.The unnecessary skin in the tip area of the flap was dissected.The skin flap was sutured in different layer and without any tension in the sutured area.Results All 23 skin flaps was survived well and without any necrosis and blood supply disorder.The eyebrow was tot be influnced.After 6 months to 3 years follow up all of the skin flap with a satisfactory appearance.Conclusion Having the advantages as easy to design,no influence to the eyebrow,well-distributed tension and without obvious scar,the ‘Hatched Skin Flap’is suitable for the repairing of the soft tissue defect in the eyebrow area.

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