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Clinical stdudy of the Doppler Tei index in assessing the left ventricular function of children with viral myocarditis

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Tei指数;心肌炎;左心功能;超声心动图;Tei index;Myocarditis;Left cardiac function;Echocardiogram

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To explore the value of Doppler Tei index in assessing the left ventricular func-tion of children with viral myocarditis.Methods According to the viral myocarditis diagnosis criterion modified in 1994,34 cases who met the clinical viral myocarditis diagnosis and 30 healthy children were studied by echocardiography.The Tei index,the left ventricle ejection fraction (EF),and the early filling velocity of the E wave(VE) and peak A wave velocity (VA) of the mitral valve and their odds (VE/VA),were all acquired and analyzed.Results ①the Tei-index、the EF and the VE/VA of the children with viral myocarditis were significantly higher than those in the control subjects(P < 0.01);②in the group of children with viral myocarditis,the Teiindex positive rate (82.35 %) was higher than the positive rate of EF (29.41%) or VE/VA (52.94%) (P <0.05).Conclusion The Tei-index is more sensitive than EF or VE/VA in the evaluation of the cardiac function and has the advantage of convenience,high sensibility and good replication and so on.

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