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The Expression of VEGF and GLUT1 in Lung Cancer and Their Influence to Tumor Angiogenesis

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VEGF;GLUT1;肺癌;微血管密度;免疫组织化学;VEGF;GLUT1;Lung cancer;microvesseldensity(MVD);immunohist ochemistry

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To study the expression of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)and GLUT1 (glucose transpoter-1)in human lung cancer and their influence to tumor angiogenesis. Methods Ar-chival primary lung cancer(n=54) and normal lung tissue(n'=10) were analyzed for VEGF, GLUT1 expres-sion by Power VisionTM Two-Step immunohistochemistry using specific monoclonal antibodies. We also examined the MVD (microvessel denisty), using CD34 staining. Results 79.6% of lung carcinomas showed positive ex-pression of VEGF,61.1% of lung carcinomas showed positive expression of GLUT1. Both VEGF,GLUT1 expres-sion level and the score of MVD were correlated with TNM stage, lymphnode metastasis, histological grade. VEGF and GLUT1 expression level were correlated with the score of MVD. Conclusion Compared with normal tissue,VEGF and GLUT1 were overexpressed in tumor specimens. Both VEGF and GLUT1 were significantly correlated with MVD. Tumor angiogenesis may be related to the carcinogeneses and tumor progression of VEGF and GLUT1.

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