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Discussion on the Safety of General Anesthesia for CesareanSection

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剖宫产;全麻;椎管内麻醉;安全;Cesarean section;General anesthesia;Intravertebral anesthesia;Safety

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To discuss security and feasibility of the mother and the baby in General anesthesia of cesarean section.Methods Analyze general anesthesia cases of cesarean section of my hospital in the last three years,and then pick out 50 cases for general anesthesia and intravertebral anesthesia.Divided them into group A and group B.Group A was intravertebral anesthesia,group B was general anesthesia.Compared with safety,postoperative side effect,and Apgar Scores of new-born baby after it's birth in 1,2,5 and 10 minutes.Results There is no statistical significance in vital signs of operation and postoperative side effect.Apgar Scores of 1minute and 2minutes in group B were lower than those in group A(P<0.05).Conclusion General anesthesia of cesarean section is safe to the parturient and the baby.but we must pay attention to the baby's recovery in the delivery and the choice of general anesthesia.

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