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Clinical efficacy of laparoscopic surgery for infected pancreatic necrosis in subgastric approach

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Chinese Journal of Pancreatology
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胰腺炎,急性坏死性;腹腔镜;外科手术;Pancreatitis, acute necrotizing;Laparoscopic;Surgical procedures, operative

Abstract: Objective:To investigate the technical key points and clinical effects of laparoscopic surgery using the subgastric approach for infected pancreatic necrosis (IPN).Methods:From October 2020 to October 2021, The clinical data of 6 patients with IPN after severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) undergoing laparoscopic surgery using the subgastric approach at First Hospital and Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University was retrospectively analyzed. Parameters in this report included the operation time, estimated blood loss, and the patient's vital signs, inflammatory marker CRP, and WBC before operation and postoperative 24 h, 3 d, and 1 w, and postoperative complications including pancreatic leakage, organ failure, bleeding, and abdominal infection and incision infection. Follow-up after surgery was completed in outpatient checkups and long-term complications were recorded.Results:There were 4 male and 2 female patients. The median age of the 6 patients was 50 (43.5, 56.5) years. Laparoscopic debridement surgery using the subgastric approach was successfully completed in all the patients and no reoperation was needed. The median operation time was 65 (52.5, 85) min; the median estimated blood loss was 20 (25, 37.5) ml. Median APACHEⅡ score one day before surgery was 11.5 (10.25, 12.75) and the median MCTSI score at initial admission was 8 (7, 8). The inflammatory parameters including CRP, WBC, and neutrophil count on postoperative day 3 and 1w were significantly lower than those before surgery, and all the differences were statistically significant (all P value <0.05). One patient had a postoperative pancreatic fistula and was alleviated after ERCP with pancreatic stent implantation. Another patient had a incision infection after surgery and recovered after complete surgical drainage of the abdominal wall incision. No patients had complications such as heart, lung, and kidney failure, abdominal hemorrhage and infection. During the follow-up, 5 of 6 patients had no newly-occurred diabetes, except one patient who had diabetes before the operation. None of the 6 patients had recurrent IPN. Conclusions:Laparoscopic surgery using the subgastric approach for infected IPN in lesser omental sac is safe and feasible.

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