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Application of three-dimensional BRAVO techniques in enhanced MRI of the brain

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磁共振成像;脑;成像,三维;序列;信噪比;图像质量;Magnetic resonance imaging;Brain;Imaging,three-dimensional;Sequence;Signal to noise ratio;Quality of image

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To evaluate the brain volume imaging (BRAVO) sequence built in 1.5T HDx magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system for enhanced scanning of the brain.Methods Thirty-one patients with primary tumor or suspected metastatic lesions of the brain underwent both MRI with routine contrast-enhanced spin echo(SE) sequence and BRAVO sequence.Number of lesions revealed under both SE sequence and BRAVO sequence was calculated and compared by Chi-square test.Then the values of grey and white matters, and value of noise on the background signal under both sequences were measured.According to these values, signal to noise ratio (SNR) about gray matter and white matter, contrast to noise ratio between white matter and gray matter (CNRwmkm) were computed.In addition, white/gray matter contrast was measured and calculated, and the results were compared and statistically analyzed with J-test.Results There were 121 lesions revealed by SE sequence vs 124 by BRAVO sequence in the 31 patients, with no statistically significant difference in number of lesions noted by the two sequences (P>0.05).Significant differences were noted in both white matter SNR [BRAVO:(17.828 7±2.753 1); SE: (27.226 1 ±5.571 2)] and gray matter SNR [BRAVO: (12.964 2±1.796 3); SE:(23.174 1 ±4.513 3); P<0.05 ].SNRwm/cm of SE sequence was higher than that of BR A VO sequence.CNRwm/cm on SE sequence was lower than that on BRAVO sequence [BRAVO: (4.865 2±1.137 0); SE: (4.051 6±1.390 0),P<0.05], as was gray/white matter contrast on SE sequence than that on BRAVO sequence [BRAVO.(635.211 3±○136.385 0); SE: (93.494 2±25.172 4); P<0.05].Conclusions BRAVO sequence may enable quicker brain volumetric scan in enhanced MRI.With BRAVO, multi-plane images can be reconstructed by scanning one sequence.In addition, the higher spatial resolution, less vascular motion artifacts and higher gray/white matter contrast with BRAVO technique mean a wider prospect for brain MRI, where it can be an important supplementary in enhanced MR imaging of the brain.

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