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Method of orotracheal intubation directed by optical fiber laying in the tracheal catheter in rats

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插管法;气管内;大鼠;光纤;成功率;存活率;Intuhation;intratracheal;Rats;Optical fiber;Success rate;Survival rate

Abstract´╝Ü Objective To develop a new method of orotracbeal intubation in adult rats by using a 0.9 mm-in optical fiber-laying in the tracheal catheter as a source of light. Methods Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divivded into two groups for orotracbeal intubation: (1) the optical fiber group (n=20): an optical fiber was utilized as a light to visualize the trachea and vocal cords; (2)the conventional group (n= 20): a comprehensive rodent model of orotracheal intuhation was developed. The intubation time and intuhation frequency, the success rate of the first intubation were compared between the optical fiber group and the conventional group. After intubation the rats were mechanically ventilated for 60 min, with the tidal volume at 0.65 ml/100 g and respiratory frequency at 60/rain. And then the endotracheal tube was removed, the survival rate was compared between two groups in 1 week. Results The time and frequency of intubation were significantly less in the optical fiber group than those in the conventional group [(36.00±16.43) s vs (86.20±56.48) s, 1.05±0.22 vs 1.75±1.02, P<0.05)]. The success rate of the first intuhation in the optical fiber group was obviously higher than that of the optical fiber group (95% vs 60%, P<0.05). There was no obviously difference in the survival rate after extuhation in 1 week between groups (100% vs 80%, P>0.05). Conclusion The improved orotracheal intubation technique with optical fiber is a method of innovation, which can obtain a quick, effective and accurate intubation.

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