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Neutrophils regulate the process of angiogenesis

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Acta Physiologica Sinica
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中性粒细胞;血管新生;血管内皮生长因子;信号通路;neutrophils;angiogenesis;vascular endothelial growth factor;signal pathway

Abstract´╝Ü Neutrophils are one of the most abundant leukocytes present in the human blood circulation system,which could provide continuous immune surveillance.Recent studies have shown that neutrophils are closely related to angiogenesis.Neutrophils could release various cytokines,which regulate the angiogenic process by affecting the growth and migration of endothelial cells directly or indirectly.In the present review,the regulatory effects of neutrophils on angiogenic process and mechanisms are analyzed and summa rized,which would provide clues for the treatment of related diseases using neutrophils as the targets in the future.

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