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Progress in diagnosis and treatment of colorectal Dieulafoy's disease

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World Chinese Journal of Digestology
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结直肠;Dieulafoy病;急性消化道出血;内镜治疗;Colorectal;Dieulafoy's lesion;Acute gastrointestinal bleeding;Endoscopic treatment

Abstract´╝Ü Dieulafoy's lesion, also named calibre persistent submucosal artery, is one of the rare and fatal causes of gastrointestinal bleeding, which can occur throughout the digestive tract. About 4% of Dieulafoy's lesions arelocated in the colon and rectum, especially in the rectum, cecum, and ascending colon. At present, the etiology and pathogenesis of colorectal Dieulafoy's disease are still not completely clear. The main clinical manifestation of colorectal Dieulafoy's disease is recurrent and massive hematochezia, and there may be no clinical manifestation during the intermittent period of the hemorrhage. The diagnosis and treatment of Dieulafoy's disease mainly rely on endoscopy, but due to the operating difficulties, clinical characteristics, and other factors, the treatment and diagnosis of this disease remain a challenge to clinicians. In this paper, we will discuss the pathology, etiology, pathogenesis, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal Dieulafoy's lesion.

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