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Expression of cytokines in rats with ethanol-induced liver injury treated with Zhige oral solution

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World Chinese Journal of Digestology
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酒精性肝损伤;细胞因子;枳葛口服液;Alcoholic liver injury;Cytokines;Zhige oral solution

Abstract´╝Ü AIM To investigate the correlation between expression of cytokines and preventive effects of Zhige oral solution against alcoholic liver injury (ALI) in rats.METHODS Rats were divided into six groups:normal control group,model group,positive control group,high-,medium-,and low-dose Zhige oral solution groups.Except the normal control group,ALI was induced in rats of other groups by simple alcohol gavage.The high-,medium-,and low-dose Zhige oral solution groups were given high-,medium-and low-dose group Zhige oral solution,the positive control group was given Jiejiuling oral solution,and the normal control group was given distilled water.Twelve weeks later,abdominal aorta arterial blood was collected to measure serum levels of alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST),as well as the contents of serum tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α),interleukin (IL)-6,and IL-10.The rats were sacrificed to observe the pathological changes in liver tissue.RESULTS Compared with the normal control group,serum levels of TNF-α,IL-6,IL-10,ALT,and AST were significantly altered in all groups except the high-dose Zhige oral solution group (P < 0.01 or 0.05),and varying degrees of massive swelling of liver cells and red lipid droplets were observed in liver tissues in all groups.Compared with the model group,all the tested indicators showed varying degrees of reversal in the positive control group and three intervention groups (P < 0.01 or 0.05),and the reversal effect was best in the high-dose Zhige oral solution group (P < 0.01).The therapeutic effect in the middle dose group was similar to that in the positive control group (P > 0.05).CONCLUSION Zhige oral solution can reduce or inhibit the occurrence of ALI by regulating the levels of cytokines in rats.

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