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Gallbladder stones in patients with severe fatty liver: Ultrasound diagnosis and influencing factors

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World Chinese Journal of Digestology
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彩色多普勒超声;重度脂肪肝;胆囊结石;准确率;误诊率;Color Doppler ultrasound;Severe fatty liver;Gallbladder stones;Accuracy;Misdiagnosis

Abstract´╝Ü AIM To explore the ultrasonographic diagnosis of gallbladder stones in patients with severe fatty liver and to analyze its influencing factors.METHODS Two hundred and sixty patients with severe fatty liver who were diagnosed with gallbladder stones by ultrasound from March 2013 to May 2017 at Yiwu Central Hospital were included.All the patients underwent surgery for removal of gallbladder stones.The surgical results were compared with ultrasound results to calculate the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound and its rates of rnisdiagnosis and missed diagnosis,and to analyze the factors influencing ultrasound diagnosis.RESULTS Ultrasound diagnosis of gallbladder stones was confirmed by pathology in 246 of 260 patients,with a diagnostic accuracy rate of 94.62%;typical gallbladder stones were accurately diagnosed in 97.59% of cases,fully filled gallbladder stones in 92.0%,multiple stones in 92.86%,and sediment-like gallstones in 75.0%.Eight cases were misdiagnosed,with a misdiagnosis rate of 5.38% (14/260).The incidence of gallbladder stones in male patients was 98.77%,and the incidence in females was 87.76% (P < 0.01).The incidence rate of gallbladder stones was 89.29% in patients under the age of 40 years,98.41% in those between 40 and 60 years,and 92.31% in those over 60 years.CONCLUSION Ultrasound examination can improve the diagnosis of gallbladder stones in patients with severe fatty liver,and factors such as fatty liver,gender and age should be carefully considered to avoid misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

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