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X-ray guided placement of Freka Trelumina using a guide wire for treatment of acute pancreatitis

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World Chinese Journal of Digestology
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重症急性胰腺炎;肠内营养;三腔喂养管;鼻空肠管;Severe acute pancreatitis;Enteral nutrition;Freka Trelumina;Nasointestinal tube

Abstract´╝Ü AIM To assess the efficacy of X-ray guided placement of Freka Trelumina using a guide wire in the treatment of early acute pancreatitis.METHODS One hundred and sixty acute pancreatitis patients were randomly divided into either a treatment group or a control group.The treatment group received X-ray guided placement of Freka Trelumina using a guide wire,while the control group received regular stomach tube and spiral nasoenteric feeding tube placement.The duration of placement,success rate,degree of tolerance when placing and after placing,serum levels of high sensitive C-reactive protein and albumin,gastrointestinal symptoms,time to recovery of enteric function,and hospital stay were compared between the two groups.RESULTS The treatment group showed significantly improved results in terms of duration of placement,success rate,and degree of tolerance compared to the control group.The rate of gastrointestinal symptoms was significantly lower and the time to recovery of enteric function was significantly shorter in the treatment group.On day 7 of hospital stay,the level of high sensitive C-responsive protein was significantly lower in the treatment group than in the control group,and serum albumin level recovered faster in the treatment group.Hospital stay was also shorter in the treatment group.CONCLUSION X-ray guided placement of Freka Trelumina has a positive effect on the treatment of early acute pancreatitis.This treatment requires shorter operation time and has a higher success rate and better tolerance,and it could shorten hospital stay and improve prognosis.

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