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Perceptions of Acne and Its Treatments Among Chinese College Students: A Cross-Sectional Survey

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International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology
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acne;adherence;perception;topical medication;acne;adherence;perception;topical medication

Abstract´╝Ü Objective::This cross-sectional survey aimed to explore Chinese college students’ perceptions regarding acne and its topical medications, and to evaluate whether these perceptions affect their motivation to seek and adhere to treatments.Methods::A cross section survey was performed using a 14-item questionnaire was administered via WeChat. among Chinese college students at Jiangsu University aged 18–24 years.Results::One thousand and four hundred and fifteen responses were received. The prevalence of self-diagnosed acne was 34.1%. The factors associated with a greater likelihood of seeking treatment were being female, having acne for a longer duration, and having severe acne. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents had discontinued topical medication use within 1 month, with only 4.8% continuing for over 6 months. The main reason for discontinuation was slow onset of action. Patients who considered acne a long-term condition were more likely to seek treatment and use medication for longer periods than those who considered it a short-term condition. Lack of knowledge about medication features, proper usage, and prevention of adverse effects may lead to early discontinuation. Furthermore, 93.8% of the respondents hoped to obtain the above information from doctors.Conclusion::Detailed explanations of acne and medication guidance are necessary to help patients understand the necessity of continuous treatment and the expected efficacy.

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