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Research Progress of Genomic Variation in Psoriasis

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International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology
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psoriasis;genomic variation;functional structural variation;InDels;precision medicine;psoriasis;genomic variation;functional structural variation;InDels;precision medicine

Abstract´╝Ü As a typical representative of global complex diseases, psoriasis has attracted widespread attention because of its high heritability, heterogeneity, and incidence. Environmentally induced activation of the inflammatory–immune axis in patients with psoriasis relies on genetic regulation of genomic variation. The heritability of psoriasis exceeds 80%, and research of genomic variation in psoriasis is of great significance to the interpretation of the biological pathogenesis of the disease. The development of genome-wide association studies (GWASs) has provided a powerful means for the capture of psoriasis susceptibility genes. More than 100 psoriasis susceptibility loci have been captured, enabling humans to gain a breakthrough understanding of the genetics and traits of psoriasis. With the advancement of research methods, increasingly more genetic methodologies are being used to capture the locations and types of variants outside the scope of GWAS scanning, making up for the inclinations and deficiencies of traditional GWAS capture of gene loci in a more detailed manner. This review covers several decades of research on genomic variation in psoriasis, including GWASs in psoriasis, the capture of functional gene variant types, and the translation of genomic variation into precision medicine; summarizes the research progress of genomic variation in psoriasis; and provides a theoretical reference for future genetic-based research of the mechanisms underlying psoriasis.

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