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National Medical Journal of China

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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National Medical Journal of China started publication in 1915 when the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) was founded. It was a bilingual periodical of Chinese and English, In 1932, the English part was combined with the English medical journal of Chinese Missionary Medical Association and then published with the name of Chinese Medical Journal , while the Chinese version continued to be published as National Medical Journal of China . The journal reflects the achievements of medical research in China in an all-round way, keeps in step with the international progresses of medical technology, integrates the theory with clinical practice, attaches importance to raising of standards and popularization, expands the new techniques and achievements in health care actively, exchanges the new experiences on disease treatment and prevention effectively, and disseminates new knowledge of medical sciences vigorously. It has been playing an important role in promoting the mastery of moral standards of ideology and profession among Chinese health care workers, raising the levels of medical and scientific theories and techniques, giving impetus to improve medical science research in China and bring forth new ideas of knowledge, and making prosperity in the publication cause of Chinese medical sciences. The editorial board of National Medical Journal of China consists of discipline leaders in the fields of biology and medicine. So far, it has been going through 26 sessions since 1915. The 24th board starts to invite some famous overseas professors as members. After the efforts of several generations, National Medical Journal of China won the award of the 1st National Periodicals in 1999 and the 2nd, 3rd National Periodicals in 2003 and 2005. As to the international cooperation, National Medical Journal of China has been included in the World Index Medicus of American Medical Association since 1927, which was the earliest medical journal of Chinese version included by foreign medical index. And later, it has been included in the Index Medicus of American National Medical Library since 1941; in the Excepta Medica of Netherlands since 1976; in the Chemical Abstract of America for more than 10 years.

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