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Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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ISTIC     MEDLINE     PKU     CSCD    

Established in October 1, 1950, the Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology (CJO)is one of the earliest medical journals published by the Chinese Medical Association. It is a mast for Chinese ophthalmologists for academic exchange. The journal published monthly with 96 pages is supported by an editorial board consisting of over hundred noted ophthalmologists. Intended for senior ophthalmologists in China, it is also distributed both at home and abroad. The journal aims to report the medical theories and practice. It contains detailed contents list and abstracts. The manuscripts that have been accepted for publication will appear simultaneously in paper format, discs and on-line version. According to the Journal Search Report released by the Science and Technology Information Research Institute of China, the impact factor of the journal,and the other indexes are increasing and rank the top among ophthalmologic journals in China. The articles published in this journal have been listed or abstracted by more than 11 important databases including IM/Medline, CA, A J of VINITI, EMBASE. Currently,the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, the Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Documentation and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Library of China, the Institute of Information of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the PLA Medical Library, medical universities and colleges, and medical research institutes all recognize the Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology as one of the core journals. The features or departments of the CJO include: (1) editorials, focus, clinical contributions, experience exchange, clinicopathological presentations, lectures, case reports, and review articles in ophthalmology; (2) discussion on clinical and basic research in ophthalmologic themes; (3) experience in prevention of urban and rural blindness and management of ophthalmologic hospitals; (4) introduction of new technologies, therapeutics and new instruments; (5) book reviews, academic progress and conference information; (6) continuous medical education and teaching materials for medical students after graduation. The journal is interested in publishing innovative research work within 4 months after receipt of the manuscript in an express way.

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