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Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine (CJPM), the successor to Chinese Health Journal , was initiated on October 1, 1953. In 1960, it was amalgamated with the Chinese Medical Journal and the Journal of Medical History and Health Care , and thereafter, was renamed as People’s Care . On November 25, 1978, the publication was denominated as Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine . The contents of CJPM deal with a wide range of disciplines and technologies including epidemiology, environmental health, nutrition and food hygiene, occupational health, hygiene for children and adolescents, radiological health, toxicology, biostatistics, social medicine, pathogenic and epidemiological research in malignant tumor, surveillance and immunization, health promotion and care, biochemistry, laboratory testing as well as many other academic fields in disease prevention and control. CJPM provides the following columns for publication manuscripts: Editorials, Specialized Treatise,Original Articles, Academic Contending, Methodology, Laboratory Technology, Field Survey, Case Study, Literature Reviews, Lectures, Medical Progress, Book Reviews and Latest Information, etc. Due to CJPM’s profound academic influence, it has been retrieved by more than 20 critical databases at home and abroad, including Medline, Chemical Abstracts (CA), Biological Abstracts (BA), Russia Abstracts, CNKI, Chinese Academic Periodicals (compact disk), CJFD, CAJCED, CBM, CMCC, WanFang Info Site, Digests of Chinese Academic Periodicals (Chinese and English versions), etc. The quotation frequency and influential index of CJPM has been gradually increasing in the recent years, ranking first among the comprehensive preventive medicine periodicals, and fifth of the public health and hygienic periodicals. According to the Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of China, the frequency of quotation of CJPM in 2006 was 1018, with the impact index of 0.947. CJPM has been recognized as outstanding academic periodical for its rigorousness in academic study, diversified publication columns, good performance in integration of academic research with editing.

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