Current situations of medical journals in China

The medical journals in China fully reflect the research developments and findings of various medical fields in China and serve as the best way for the world to learn about the state of arts in various medical fields in China. There are currently about 1,000 Chinese medical journals, which account for 1/4 of the total number of scientific journals in the nation and comprise an important part of the world's medical publications. Existing journals cover different disciplines of medical and healthcare sciences, among which a number of series of journals have formed, such as the series of China's medicine, the series of Chinese preventive medicine, the series of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the series of clinical studies, the series of applied research, the series of academic journals, the series of foreign medicine, etc. The most typical example is the series of journals sponsored by Chinese Medical Association which include a total of 118 journals. Few medical organizations around the world boast of such a large number of journals.

Among Chinese medical journals, those on TCM which include more than 80 journals at present carry the strongest Chinese characteristics. TCM is not only a China’s invention but also a China's contribution to international medicines. Through those journals the world can learn about the academic theories and research development of TCM so that TCM can better spread and play a greater role in the world as an important branch of homeopathy.

Among Chinese medical journals there is a special type of medical journals — journals of military medicine, the number of which is up to 90. They have become an important part of the world journals of military medicine and drawn the attention of military medical circles around the world.

Among Chinese medical journals there is another type of medical journals — local medical journals sponsored by provinces and regions in China, the number of which is near 200. Those journals carry the characteristics of a particular region and may reflect the achievements, level and developments of medical research in that region. Thus they may offer literature to the research projects on anthropology, endemics, gene diversity, etc.

Last but not least, among Chinese medical journals there is another type of medical journals — academic journals sponsored by medical colleges as commissioned by the Ministry of Health or on their own, the number of which is near 300. Generally speaking, those journals have the high level in academic. Important ones in the category are those published by colleges formerly under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. The academic journals enable users to learn about the research levels and progress of medical colleges concerned.

Medical journals in China need to go out to the world and display development achievements in various medical fields in China to the world, and the world need to know the scientific and technological achievements in various medical fields in China. Medical journals in China have been developing continuously to make positive contributions to the development of such fields of medical research and education in the world.

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