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Chinese Medical Association Publishing House
You Suning
Director and Chief Editor

The Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Publishing House is an entity which aims to publish national journals in general medicine and various specialties. Up to April 2012, the Publishing House has published 126journals, the largest series of medical journals in China. Among the 126 journals, 22 are edited and published at the headquarters of the CMA and 104 by local branches of the CMA or by medical universities, colleges and research institutes entrusted and supervised by the CMA. The Publishing House comprises an administrative office, an editor-in-chief office, 22 editorial departments(22 journals), a publishing and circulation department, and the Beijing Huakang Advertising Company.

With the support of noted medical and pharmacological specialists and other reliable sources of information, the CMA journals have outstanding editorial committees and teams of peer-reviewers. In more than 120 years, the Publishing House and its predecessors under the guidance of the CMA have developed a systematic management system in editing and publishing medical journals and training editorial staff generation by generation. The contributions of medical professionals, editors, especially readers and contributors have made the journals constantly influential with latest medical knowledge and achievements in research and clinical practice, promoting scholarly activities and progress in medical sciences. The CMA journals are the most authoritative periodicals in China.

The CMA journals serve not only as the leading source of information for medical and health professionals in China, but as also a window to the world. The 126 journals are distributed to approximately 60 countries and regions and have a long existing exchange relationship with about 1000 foreign medical journals. As representatives of the CMA, these journals do play an important role in domestic and international scholarly exchange. In addition to paper format, CD-ROM and online editions ( the CMA journals have also been published. Established in 1887, the Chinese Medical Journal (CMJ) accepted by the Science Citation Index (SCI) and other major international databases plays an increasingly important role in the international communication for health of the people in the world.

The development of more than one hundred years has witnessed the growing of CMA journals up to a huge cluster in a variety of disciplines or specialties reasonably allocated. In this country these journals earn a high reputation because of publication of high quality research papers, articles or other pieces, either attractive or provocative, in addition to the admired qualities of editing and publishing. These merits and contributions have been appreciated by the governmental or non-governmental institutions or organizations, and the journals are acclaimed as “a flag of STM publishing in China”. And the journals have been awarded prizes frequently for their contributions and deeds in dissemination of medical knowledge.

The success of the Publishing House attributes to the contributions of its staff, their hardworking, cooperation, devotedness and creativeness. Collecting views or criticisms from all walks of life, the editorial staff always recognize high-quality and scientific integrity of the publishing works as the lifeline of CMA journals. In the new century, they scrupulously follow the norms of publication while attaching the importance to both social and financial interests, in particular, to the interests of readers and authors or writers.

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