Effects of RNA interference targeting HOXA9 on the proliferation and apoptosis of human acute monocytic leukemia U937 cells

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ZHU Li-ping(Department of Pediatrics,Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University,Binzhou 256603,China)
JIA Xiu-hong(Department of Pediatrics,Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University,Binzhou 256603,China)
LI Jian-chang(Department of Pediatrics,Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University,Binzhou 256603,China)
HAN Zhao-dong()
Journal Title:
Cancer Research and Clinic
Volume 24, Issue 08, 2012
Key Word:
Genes, Homeobox A9; Leukemia; RNA interference; U937 cells

Abstract: Objective To investigate the effects of small interference RNA (siRNA) targeting HOXA9 on the proliferation and apoptosis of human acute monocytic leukemia U937 cell line.Methods Effective and specific siRNA oligo targeting HOXA9 was designed and compounded.It was transfected transiently into U937 cells by cationic liposome.The cells was divided into three groups:experimental group(siRNA targeting HOXA9 was transfected by liposome),negative control group (negative siRNA was transfected by liposome) and cell control group (add equal cells and medium).The expression of HOXA9 mRNA and protein were detected by reverse transcription PCR and Western blot.The cell proliferation was assessed by MTT.The apoptosis of each group were measured by Annexin V-FITC.Results Aftcr transfected by siRNA targeting HOXA9,the relative mRNA expression levels of HOXA9 in the experimental group,negative control group and cell control group were (22.980±0.548) %,(82.371±1.517) % and (84.637±2.252) %,respectively (P < 0.05),and the relative protein expression levels were (50.377±2.773).%,(105.500±3.900) % and (111.392±3.905) %,respectively (P < 0.05).The inhibitory rates of cell proliferation and the apoptosis rates of the experimental group were significantly increased.The inhibitory rates of cell proliferation of 24 h,48 h and 72 h were (41.909±4.333) %,(54.470±3.756) % and (65.835±1.024) %,respectively,and the apoatosis rate was (26.800±2.081) %.Compared with 2 controls,the experimental group differences had statistically significance (P < 0.05).Conclusion siRNA targeting HOXA9 can effectively silence HOXA9 gene expression in U937 cell,suppress cell proliferation and induce cell apoptosis obviously,which providing experimental basis for clinical lenkemia therapy by targeting HOXA9 gene.

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