Th1/Th2 shift in patients with lymphoma compared with that in patients with solid tumor

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QIAO Li-juan(Department of Clinical Laboratory, Shanxi Cancer Hospital,Taiyuan 030013, China)
WU Xiao-ying(Department of Clinical Laboratory, Shanxi Cancer Hospital,Taiyuan 030013, China)
LI Yao-ping()
Journal Title:
Volume 22, Issue z1, 2010
Key Word:
Lymphoma, solid tumors;Th1/Th2, cytokine;Flow cytometry

Abstract: Objective To compare Th1/Th2 drift situation in patients with lymphoma with that in patients with solid tumors, and establish the effective immune function detectable criterion of lymphoma in biological treatment process. Methods The whole blood samples of 10 patients with lymphoma, 202 patients with solid tumors including 36 patients with upper digestive tract cancer, 64 colorectal cancer, 43 lung cancer and 20 the other malignancies, and 30 healthy persons as controls were collected. Stimulation agent was used to stimulate the cells in order to increase cell factor expression and fluorescent labeled specific anti-cytokine monoclonal antibody was used to bind with specific antigen. The expression of specific cytokines was detected by flow cytometry. Results Positive percentages of IFN- γ and IL-4 and ratio of IFN- γ /IL-4 in CD+4 T cells of human peripheral blood had statistically differences between in patients with lymphoma and controls (P < 0.05). The ratio of Thl/Th2 (CD+4 intracellular cytokine INF-α/IL-4) in patients with lymphoma was lower than that in patients with upper digestive tract cancers (esophagus and stomach cancers) (P = 0.023), however, had no statistical differences with that in patients with other solid tumors (colorectal, lung, kidney, breast and other tumors), but had a downward trend. Conclusion Immune functions in patients with lymphoma are lower than those in patients with solid tumors and immune treatment is a necessary to adjuvant chemotherapy. The ratio of Th1/Th2 (INF- α/IL-4) is expected to become effective detection criterion.

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