Analysis of Scientific Papers Published between 2001 and 2010 in an Anhui Children' s Hospital

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NI Hong(Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital,Hefei 230051,Anhui Province,P.R.China)
LIANG Li-ke(Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital,Hefei 230051,Anhui Province,P.R.China)
LIU Hai-peng(Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital,Hefei 230051,Anhui Province,P.R.China)
Li Shan-shan(Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital,Hefei 230051,Anhui Province,P.R.China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Medical Science Research Management
Volume 25, Issue 05, 2012
Key Word:
Children's hospital;Scientific papers;Bibliometrics;Statistical analysis

Abstract: Aim To find out the comprehensive strength and trends in scientific research area,and to provide foundation for decision-making on pushing the paediatric research forward,we reviewed the achievements of the scientific papers publication and the professional background of the authors between 2001 and 2010. Methods We extracted data and described the distribution characteristics of the paper publication amount,degree in the 10 years,as well as age,construction of professional and technical title,the education qualification of the authors. Moreover,we statistically analyzed the variability of the publication conditions within statistical source journals among the authors with different technical title.Results The amount of paper publication increased anually in the 10 years,but with few published in statistical source journals,and the core authors group have not formed yet.Meanwhile,the general internal medicine maintained the dominant propotion.Authors aged 30 -50 years old,with middle technical title and with bachelor degree published the majority of the papers.The propotion of the papers published in statistical source journals and in the Zhonghua series medical journals were significantly higher in authors with master degree and above.Conclusions In order to construct a stable core authors group and increase the amount of the paper publication,we should continue to encourage those author groups with high output rate and make greater support on the potential authors.Furthermore,we must take more effort on impoving publication quality in the future.

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