Relationship between heat shock proteins and Survivin in retinoblastoma cells and its effect on the proliferation of the cellular activity

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JIANG Li-bin(Eye Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University,Beijing 100730, China)
LIU Xue-qun(Eye Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University,Beijing 100730, China)
LI Bin(Eye Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University,Beijing 100730, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 25, Issue 02, 2009
Key Word:
Retinoblastoma/pathophysiology;Heat-shock proteins/analysis;Cell proliferation

Abstract: Objective To investigate the relationship of the expression between heat shock protein (HSP) 70 and 90, and Survivin and its effects on the proliferative activity in retinoblastoma (RB) cells. Methods Expression of Survivin, HSP70 and 90, and Ki-67 in conventional paraffin samples from 43 patients with RB and 6 healthy people was detected by streptavidin-biotin peroxidase (SP) immunohistochemical method. Ki-67 labeling index was used to evaluate the proliferative activity in RB. Results In 43 cases of RB, positive expression of HSP70 and 90 and Survivin was found in 28 (65.12%), 37 (86.05%) and 27 (62.79%) cases, respectively. None of the 6 normal retinal tissue expressed HSP70, HSP90 or Survivin. Positive expression of Survivin was more frequent in positive expressions of HSP90 than that in negative expressions of HSP90 (P<0.05). Ki-67 labeling index was higher in positive expressions of HSP90 and positive expressions of Survivin than that in their negative expressions respectively (P<0.05). Meanwhile, higher Ki-67 labeling index was found in positive HSP90-Survivin expressions than that in negative HSP90-Survivin expressions and those cases where only HsP90 or Survivin was found (P<0.05). Expression of HSP70 did not correlate with that of Survivin, nor had any significant effect on Ki-67 labeling index (P>0.05). Expression of HSPs and Survivin and Ki-67 labeling index did not correlate with histological types (P>0.05). Conclusion Expression of HSP90 correlates with that of Survivin in RB. Co-existence of Survivin and HSP90 probably plays an important role in the genesis of RB.

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