Prospective study of perinatal infection of cytomegalovirus in infants

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Collaborative Team for the Study of Maternal and Infantile Cytomegalovirus Infection in Beijing()
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Volume 13, Issue 02, 2010
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Cytomegalovirus infections;Prospective studies;Infant,newborn

Abstract: Objective To determine the associated factors of perinatal cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and the impact on infantile health. Methods A prospective multieenter cohort study was conducted.The urine CMV DNA in infants without congenital CMV infection were measured with nested-polymerase chain reaction at the age of 12 weeks.According to the results of nested-polymerase chain reaction.the infants were divided into perinatal CMV infection group and non-perinatal CMV infection group.Their motor and mental development in neonatal period and 12 months old were measured and analyzed.The risk factors of perinatal CMV infection were analyzed with multivariate Logistic regression analysis. Results Among 518 in/ants,105 were positive for CMV DNA in urine samples.the rest were negative.The percentage of perinatal CMV infection was 20.27%.Logistic regression analysis showed that the maternal gynecologic history was the independent risk factor(OR =2.275,95%CJ:1.137-4.551,P=0.020),while non-breast feeding(breast and bottle feeding:OR =0.392,95%CI:0.185-0.830,exclusive bottle feeding:OR=0.101,95%CI:0.013-0.769),and per-capita 1iving space(OR=0.948,95%CI:0.917-0.980)were protective factors of CMV infection. Conclusions Breast feeding is the predominant factor for perinatal CMV infection.Perinatal CMV infection has no short-term influence on term or near-term neonatal health.

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