Preliminary analysis of proton radiation therapy for chordomas in the skull base

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CHEN Ji-suo(Department of Neurosurgery, Wanjie Tumor Hospital, Zibo 255213, China)
YANG Yu-xia()
HU Xiang-hua(Department of Neurosurgery, Wanjie Tumor Hospital, Zibo 255213, China)
CHEN Qing()
YU Lei(Department of Neurosurgery, Wanjie Tumor Hospital, Zibo 255213, China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Neuromedicine
Volume 11, Issue 09, 2012
Key Word:

Abstract: Objective To compare the efficacy of proton radiotherapy and photon radiotherapy for chordomas in the skull base. Methods A retrospective study was performed on the clinical data of 57 patients underwent stereotactic radiotherapy of their chordomas in the skull base; these patients were divided into proton radiotherapy group (n=31,treated with proton) and photon radiotherapy group (n=26,underwent photon radiation therapy).The efficacy was reviewed comparatively. Results Fifty-seven patients were followed up for 6-76 months in clinical symptoms and 6-72 months in imaging.The clinical symptom relief rate at 6 and 12 months after the treatment showed no significant difference between the 2 groups (x2=0.057,P=0.812; x2.144,P=0.143),while the progression-free survival and the overall survival showed significant difference between the 2 groups (x2=15.571,P=0.000; x20.232,P=-0.000).The proton radiotherapy group was superior to the photon radiotherapy group in total survival rate and relapse-free survival rate at 3 and 5 years after treatment (P<0.05). Conclusion Proton radiotherapy is better than photon radiotherapy in the treatment of chordomas in the skull base; furthermore, proton radiotherapy has its obvious advantage for patients having relapsed chordomas after radiation therapy.

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