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Analysis of the clinical drug consultation in geriatric hospital

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WANG Yi(Department of Pharmacy,Jiangsu Province Geriatric Hospital,Nanjing 210024,China)
TENG Jia-liang(Department of Pharmacy,Jiangsu Province Geriatric Hospital,Nanjing 210024,China)
Journal Title:
China Medicine
Volume 07, Issue 11, 2012
Key Word:
Clinical drug consultation;Rational use of drugs;Geriatric hospital

Abstract: Objective To analyze the clinical drug consultation,to summarize the characteristics of drug consulting services and to improve clinical pharmacy service quality.Methods Totally 1358 records of the clinical drug consultation were collected during the period from 2008 to 2011 and analyzed according to age of the inquiring patients,the types and contents of consultation.Results The major consulters were geriatric.70 to 80 years old patients had 428 cases and accounted for 31.52%.The most frequent consulted drug was cardiovascular drugs,with 804 cases and accounting for 59.20% ; the primary attention was the untoward effect,which had 283 cases and accounted for 21.06%,followed by rationalization of select drugs (19.37%) and the union drug (17.16%).Conclusion The drug consultation service is an important form of clinical pharmaceutical care; it can improve the professional capabilities of pharmacy staff and help to enhance patients' medication compliances and rational use of

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