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Effect of fluoxetine on motor recovery after acute ischaemic stroke with speech disorder

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XIAO Sheng(Department of Neurology,Huangshi Central Hospital,Hubei Province,Huangshi 435000,China)
XIAO Jin-song()
KUANG Liang-hong(Department of Neurology,Huangshi Central Hospital,Hubei Province,Huangshi 435000,China)
Journal Title:
China Medicine
Volume 07, Issue 11, 2012
Key Word:
Fluoxetine;Acute ischaemic stroke;Speech disorders;Motor;Rehabilitation

Abstract: Objective To observe the effect of fluoxetine on motor recovery after acute ischaemic stroke with speech disorder.Methods A total of 80 patients of acute ischaemic stroke with speech disorder were randomized into observation group(40 cases)and control group (40 cases).Conventional therapy was given to both groups.In the observation group,prozac (20 mg/day) was given at the same time.The motor recovery status was assessed with Fugl-Meyer motor scale(FMMS).Meanwhile,the national institutes of health stroke scale(NIHSS)and the Barthel index of activities of daily living(ADL) were given in both groups.Results After 90 days' therapy,FMMS score [upper limb:(30± 22) scores ; lower limb:(24 ± 8) scores] in observation group (n =37) increased more significantly than those [upper limb:(16 ± 17) scores ; lower limb:(19 ± 8) scores] in control group (n =38)(all P <0.05).The total score of NIHSS in observation group was significantly lower than that in control group [(6 ± 4) scores vs (11 ± 4) scores,P<0.05],and the Barthel index score increased significantly in observation group than that in control group [(56±10) scores vs (50±9) scores,P < 0.05].Conclusion Prozac can improve the motor recovery of patients and promote the activities of daily living.

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