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The disability in patients with schizophrenia treated with chlorpromazine and risperidone

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LI He-jun(Department of Medical Services, Fifth Hospital of Tangshan,Hebei Province, Tangshan 063004, China)
YANG Jie(Department of Medical Services, Fifth Hospital of Tangshan,Hebei Province, Tangshan 063004, China)
Journal Title:
China Medicine
Volume 07, Issue 06, 2012
Key Word:

Abstract: Objective To explore the disability in patients treated with schizophrenia with using respectively chlorpromazine and risperidone.Methods Two hundred outpatients or hospitalization patients with schizophrenia were randomly divided into chlorpromazine group( 100 cases) and risperidone group( 100 cases) ; the degree of disability by WHO disability assessment scale Ⅱ (WHO-DAS Ⅱ ),social disability screening schedule(SDSS),WHO quality of life(WHOQOL) at the time of half a year,one year and two years were ananlyzed.Results The scores of risperidone group in all scales were significantly higher in chlorpromazine group in each period ( P < 0.05 or P <0.001 ).The validity of consistency and correlation was high in all scales.Conclusion Risperidone is significantly better than chlorpromazine in terms of reducing the rate of disability,improving the social function and reducing the degree of disability.

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