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Investigation on prevalence and influence factors of hypertension in Lhasa city

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ZHENG Xi(School of Health Management and Education, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100069, China)
WANG Ya-dong(School of Health Management and Education, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100069, China)
YAO Dao-kuo()
TANG Jie()
HE Yan()
Journal Title:
Volume 06, Issue 04, 2011
Key Word:
Hypertension;Prevalence rate;Influence factors

Abstract: Objective To identify risk factors and prevalence of hypertension in Lhasa and to provide evidences for performing specific prevention and control measures of hypertension. Methods One thousand three hundred and seventy subjects over 18 years old in Lhasa were sampled through multi-phase stratified random sampling.Prevalence and the relative risk factors were explored through Chi-square, Logistic regression analysis with SPSS 11.5.Results In 1370 subjects, 668 subjects were found to be with hypertension and the hypertension prevalence rate was 48.8%. Hypertension awareness was 62.7% and control rate was 3.1%. According to the standard regression coefficient value, the major relative risk factors of hypertension were age, sex, smoking, the amount of drinking butter tea, edible oils and fats, water intake and the amount of consumption of dairy products. Conclusions In Lhasa, the hypertension prevalence rate is high and control rate is low. This region has many relative risk factors for hypertension. Prevention and control work should be strengthen by chronic disease managements and publicity of health knowledge about hypertension. High-risk groups must be treated to control incidence rate and complications.

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