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Psychological intervention and evaluation of depression after percutaneous coronary intervention

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LI Fang-jiang(Department of Cardiology,The First Attached Hospital of Hebei Northern Institute,Hebei Province,Zhangjiakou 075000,China)
LI Qing(Department of Cardiology,The First Attached Hospital of Hebei Northern Institute,Hebei Province,Zhangjiakou 075000,China)
ZHANG Qiang(Department of Cardiology,The First Attached Hospital of Hebei Northern Institute,Hebei Province,Zhangjiakou 075000,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 06, Issue 04, 2011
Key Word:
Coronary heart disease;Intervent treatment;Depression;Intervention

Abstract: Objective To discuss the effect of psychological intervention of depression in coronary heart disease after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Methods The depression of 105 cases of coronary heart disease after PCI treatment was investigated. One hundred and five patients were randomly divided into intervention group and control group. The patientsin intervention group were treated with psychological intervention before and after PCI. The patients in control group were treated with normal treatment. Results There was not significant difference of incidence of depression an self-rating depression scale score between two groups. The depression in intervention group was less severe than that in control group ( P < 0.01 ). Multivariate analysis showed: education level, the recent negative life events, household income, length of stay and sequelae of catheter intervention had significantly correlated with depression in coronary heart disease. Conclusion Psychological intervention can reduce the ratio of depression in coronary heart disease after PCI.

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