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Investigation of correlation between acute coronary syndrome and high sensitivity C-reactive protein

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XU-Hui(Department of Cardiology, Third People's Hospital of Liaocheng City, Liaocheng 252000, China)
MENG Zhao-bin(Department of Cardiology, Third People's Hospital of Liaocheng City, Liaocheng 252000, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 05, Issue 07, 2010
Key Word:
C-reactive protein;Acute coronary syndrome;High density lopoprotein choelsterol;Low density lipoprotein cholesterol

Abstract: Objective To investigate the relation among triglyce ride (TG), low density lipoprotein cholesterol(LD-C) and high sensitivity C reactive protein(hs-CRP) in acute coronary syndrome(ACS). Methods A total of 132 coronary heart disease patients which were divided as ACS and stable coronary heart dis-ease(SCHD)groups and 65 cases of the health physical exam inees were enrolled as the controls. The levels of hs-CRP, TG,HDL-C and LDL-C among the three groups were analyzed. Results The levels of hs-CRP of patients in ACS and SCHD groups were significantly higher than those in controls group(P <0.05). The level of hs-CRP in ACS group was obviously higher than that in SCHD group( P <0.01 ). There was a significant correlation between the concentration of hsCRP and TG( r = 0.62 ,P < 0.01 ); there was a significant correlation between hs-CRPand LDL-C ( r =0.41, P < 0.01 ); however there was a significantly negative correlation between hs-CRP and HDL-C ( r = -0.54, P <0.01 ). Conclusions The hs-CRP level in patients with acute coronary syndrome is obviously increased. hs-CRP is positively correlated with acute coronary syndrome, hs-CRP is the unstable sign of atheromatous plaque.

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