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Obesity and cigarette smoking impaired arterial stiffness with oxidative stress

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OUYANG Chi(Department of Basic Medicine,Xiang-nan University, Chenzhou 423000, China)
CHEN Xiao-lan(Department of Basic Medicine,Xiang-nan University, Chenzhou 423000, China)
MO Yan-xiu(Department of Basic Medicine,Xiang-nan University, Chenzhou 423000, China)
TANG Yin-juan(Department of Basic Medicine,Xiang-nan University, Chenzhou 423000, China)
LI Shi-wang(Department of Basic Medicine,Xiang-nan University, Chenzhou 423000, China)
LIU Ke-feng(Department of Basic Medicine,Xiang-nan University, Chenzhou 423000, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 5, Issue 03, 2010
Key Word:
Obesity; Cigarette smoking; Arterial stiffness; Oxidative stress

Abstract: Objective To investigate the effect of obesity and cigarette smoking on arterial stiffness with ox-idative stress. Methods Eighty five healthy male students were divided into two groups according to BMI or waist circumference. Group A was control group(n=41), group B was obese group(n =44) which was given cigarette smoking for 25 days. Then, arterial stiffness, plasma malonaldehyde(MDA) and uric acid(UA) levels of each sub-ject in group A, pre-and post-cigarette smoking of group B were analyzed. Results The arterial stiffness (1.78±0.26 vs 1.97±0.38, P <0.05), plasma MDA(3.88±1.13 vs 4.32±1.56, P<0.05) and UA(295±43 vs 361 ± 57, P < 0.05) levels were significance higher in pre-cigarette smoking of group B compared with group A. The arterial compliance was significance lower(1.97±0.38 vs 1.54±0.32, P <0.01) and the plasma UA level(295±43 vs 472±39, P <0.01) was significance higher in post-cigarette smoking of group B than that in other groups.Conclusions The plasma MDA and UA levels increased, which were product of oxidative stress. These indicated that the disorder of oxidation-antioxidation impaired arterial stiffness and arterial compliance, also exacerbated the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease in obesity and cigarette smoking.

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