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The sensitization changes of SKOV3. ip1 cells exposed to taxel when the expression of Her-2 in the cells is depressed

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WANG Ke-fang(Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Beijing Anzhen Hospital of the Capital University of Medical Sciences,Beijing 100029,China)
WANG Xian-feng()
Journal Title:
Volume 5, Issue 02, 2010
Key Word:
Ovarian carcinoma;Her-2 gene;Taxel

Abstract: Objective To observe the sensitization changes of SKOV3. ip1 cells exposed to taxel when the expression of Her-2 in SKOV3. ip1 ceils was depressed. Meshods 1. Cell culture: SKOV3. ip1 cells and lower Her-2 expressed SKOV3. ip1 expressed SKOV3. ip1 cells was detected by Western blot. 3. MTT Test : SKOV3. ip1 cells were exposed to different dose taxel (6,12, 24,48,96 μg/ml), The MTT method was used to detect the inhibi-tion rate of SKOV3. ip1 cells exposed to taxel and the inhibition rate of SKOV3. ip1 cells that express different Her-2 level was compared. Results When exposed to(6,12, 24,48 μg/ml)taxel dose, the inhibition rate of lower Her-2 expressed SKOV3. ip1 cells were (45.50±0.95)%, (65.37±0.56)%, (76.83±0.27)% and (81.83±0.69)%. While the inhibition rate of SKOV3. ip1 cells were(36.13±1.74)%, (56.43±2.19)%, (67.57±1.96) % and(74.30±1.10) %. The difference were obviously (P < 0.01). Conclusion The sensitization of SKOV3. ip1 cells to taxel was increased when the expression of Her-2 in the cells was depressed.

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