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Therapeutic effect and safety of amiodarone plus spironolactone for patients with nonvalvular paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

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CHENG Xiao-jing(Department of Health Wards,The People's Hospital of Rizhao,Rizhao 276826,China)
GAO Yue-shun(Department of Health Wards,The People's Hospital of Rizhao,Rizhao 276826,China)
FU Rong(Department of Health Wards,The People's Hospital of Rizhao,Rizhao 276826,China)
GUO Gong-hui(Department of Health Wards,The People's Hospital of Rizhao,Rizhao 276826,China)
WU Zhao-de(Department of Health Wards,The People's Hospital of Rizhao,Rizhao 276826,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 4, Issue 10, 2009
Key Word:
Atrial fibrillation;Nonvalvular;Amiodarone;Spironolactone;Sinus rhythmia

Abstract: tter therapeutic results of mainterance of sinus rhythmia than with amiodarone alone and it delays the progress of largement of left atrium.

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