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Significance of sentinel lymph node mapping during operation and in colon and rectum carcinoma

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XU Bing-hui(Department of Liver Surgery,HARRISON International Peace Hospital, Hengshui 053000 ,China)
ZHAO Zhan-wei()
DU Gui-mei()
LUO Hui-xuan()
XING Hong-li(Department of Liver Surgery,HARRISON International Peace Hospital, Hengshui 053000 ,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 4, Issue 09, 2009
Key Word:
Sentinel lymph node;Colon cancer;Rectum cancer

Abstract: Objective To study the feasibility of sentinel lymph node(SLN)mapping during operation and the clinical value of analyzing lymph node metastasis of colon cancer. Methods SLN was mapped during operation by isosulfan stain in 44 cases with colon cancer. All lymph nodes were checked by routine pathological technique, while SLNs were checked by serial sectioning pathologic technique and immunohistochemistry. Results Twenty-eight of 44 cases were showed SLN. A total of 114 SLNs was positively inspected in 44 cases. The SLNs count in each case was 1-5, (2.6±2.1)SLNs in average. Seven hundred and ninety-two non-SLNs were inspected in these 44 cases. The non-SLNs count in each case was 9-35 (18.0 ±8.7 in average). In these 44 cases, 28(64%)had lymphatic metastasis and 16 (36%) didnt. Twenty-six cases of the 28 who had lymphatic metastasis were inspected metastasis of SLNs. Conclusion The SLN mapping during operation is feasible and helpful to the positive finding rate of the metastatic lymph node of colon cancer.

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